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Join us Tuesday October 30th 4-6 pm for Startup@State at SDSU's Aztec Athletic Center Auditorium (Fowler Athletic Cener)

Start-up @ State features four current founders of local San Diego companies who will share insights into current industry trends. Students, local entrepreneurs and those interested in the San Diego startup community are invited. This event is hosted by StartupCircle, SDSU Entrepreneur Society and Lavin Entrepreneurship Center at SDSU.

The panel features entrepreneurs who have created companies in the mobile technology, organic foods, web analytics, and financial services industries.

Four Founders, Four Unique Industries!

Mitch Thrower, CEO and Founder of BUMP- Mobile Technology
Mitch Thrower is an entrepreneur and professional tri-athlete who has founded successful companies across industries from mobile technology and action sports, including The Active Network, Inc. Currently, Mitch is the founder and CEO of BUMP.com, a safety, marketing, membership and communications platform that allows users to connect online and offline via unique identifiers, including license plates, mobile phones and online profiles.

Caue Suplicy, Founder of Barnana- Organic Food
Caue Suplicy is an elite tri-athlete from Brazil that came to Southern California to commence his professional racing career and to pursue his entrepreneurial vision in the organic food industry. Currently, Caue is the founder of his first successful company Barnana, a sustainable organic whole foods company that produces chewy banana bites.

Pelin Thorogood, Founder of Anametrix- Web Analytics
Pelin Thorogood is a new media marketing and analytics expert, recognized for her leadership in both venture-backed startups and public companies. Her career as a high-tech innovator includes leading the go-to-market strategy as CMO of WebSideStory (acquired by Omniture/Adobe), extending Peregrine Systems’ enterprise software business (acquired by HP) into web-based applications, and, in the mid 90s, launching one of the very first mobile B2B applications. Pelin holds a BS in Operations Research, Masters in Engineering, and MBA degrees, all from Cornell University, where she also serves as Executive-in-Residence for the Johnson Graduate School of Management..

Mike Alfred, Co-Founder of BrightScope- Financial Services from the Cloud
Mike Alfred is a 401k and financial expert that has excelled at starting financial and investment based companies.Currently, Mike is the Co-Founder and CEO of BrightScope, a cloud based financial company that uses web/data analytics to drive individuals to make better investment decisions.


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