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StartupCircle is an Entrepreneur community focused on making giving and trust building the cornerstone values for business creation.  StartupCircle is a 5000+ Entrepreneur organization dedicated to bringing together Innovators, Resources and Investors under a System of Trust. 

StartupCircle is on a mission to make Dolphin Entrepreneurship a vital economic activity for communities across the world.

The first objective is to evolve the San Diego / Baja California region into a Sustainable Entrepreneurial hub as Silicon Valley has become for technology companies.

Our Way

• True collaboration unlocks innovation
• A culture of giving back, as a for profit community
• Research-based solutions and approaches: Innovation and Trust Architectures (Paul Lawrence (Harvard) - Robert Porter Lynch (Alliance Professionals) - Our own studies)

Focus: Evolve the Entrepreneurial Approach 

Philosophy: Collaboration, Innovation, Contribution and Trust Building



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