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Entrepreneurs in the Circle

We at StartupCircle are determined to provide the services and resources to help our community flourish. We have three unique groups in which teams or individuals may find their current venture:

The Idea Circle


The Idea Circle Entrepreneur is an Entrepreneur that has an idea for a business. These ideas are not limited to any category or industry. Ideas can range from new web technologies to baby bottles. Important traits of a good Entrepreneur with an idea:

  • Passion

  • Ambition

  • Can define the problem

  • Can define a proposed solution

The Lifestyle Circle


Entrepreneurs in this circle have built or are building a venture that enables them a lifestyle they desire. An example of a lifestyle Entrepreneur may be a retail shop owner, author, property investor.. ect. An individual should meet the following criteria:

  • San Diego Based

  • More than 50%+ committed to building a lifestyle venture

  • Acquiring Customers

  • Prototype of proof of concept

The Growth Circle


Entrepreneurs in this circle consist of teams at the growth stage of their venture. To qualify for the growth stage, teams must meet the following criteria.

  • San Diego Based

  • Have a Proof of Concept (Prototype developed)

  • Bootstrap, Angel or VC backed

  • Team is more than 50% committed (The other 50% -part time jobs or contract work to help pay the bills)

  • Actively Marketing/Customer Acquisition

  • Can Describe Their Customer

  • Currently have some traction or customers (pilot programs and/or beta programs receiving feedback)

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